The Origin of the Art of Aeromancy
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The Origin of the Art of Aeromancy

Aeromancy was once a form of divination that interpreted weather patterns such as cloud formations, temperature differences and wind speed as messages from the gods regarding the future five day forecast. This soon however, evolved into a combination of science and technology which is now commonly known today as meteorology.

Aeromancy is an ancient form of divination used to predict future weather events based from the observance of the current state of the weather.  The word ‘aeromancy’ derives from the ancient Greek words ‘aero’ meaning ‘air’ and ‘manteia’ meaning ‘divination.’  This ancient form of ‘predicting the future’ can be traced back as far as the days of when Babylon was a ruling empire all the way through until the medieval ages.  During ceremonial rituals dedicated to the gods of thunder, such as Thor and Zeus, practitioners would interpret cloud formations, wind direction and wind speed which were viewed as messages from the gods.  These interpretations were used to predict the outcome of future harvests and the survivability of the tribe and/or village during the upcoming winter months.  In other words, good weather ensured a large harvest, fertility, and happy times while bad weather was interpreted as times of peril and misfortune. 

Eventually however, the divination known as aeromancy became condemned, first by Moses (as mentioned in Deuteronomy 18) than by Christianity and the Catholic church in the following years.  This was because aeromancy, as a form of divination, was seen as evil, a power that should not be possessed by mankind.  Therefore it became a crime to practice this specific form of divination with death as the punishment if caught.  For centuries aeromancy became a forbidden practice and was categorized with the dark arts such as witchcraft, sorcery, and black magic.    

It wasn’t until 1753 however, that the divination of aeromancy was rediscovered and picked back up but this time reestablished as a scientific art.  Rather than being viewed as an occult ritual for the pagans it was viewed as a branch of science and defined as ‘the department of science that treats the atmosphere.’  This form of science transgressed from simple weather observances to become known today as meteorology.   

Today scientists have discovered ways to predict future weather events through a combination of science, technology, and (just like in the days of antiquity) the observance of the current state of the weather.  Experts can examine warm and cold fronts through Doppler radar systems that are positioned mathematically around the globe in order to determine what the future five day forecast for the weather might be.  It is amazing to say that aeromancy, what was once a considered to be an art form of divination and direct communication with the gods, became condemned for nearly a thousand years than became reintroduced but this time as an art form of science.     


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