Monsoon Showers
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Monsoon Showers

The Monsoon season in India is dominated by the humid southwest summer showers , which slowly sweeps across the country beginning in late May or early June spreading across the country ,lasting from June to September

 Monsoon showers

The Monsoon season in India is dominated by the humid southwest summer showers , which slowly sweeps across the country beginning in late May or early June spreading across the country ,lasting from June to September . South India typically receives more precipitation.

The southwest summer monsoon is attracted to India by a low pressure area that's caused by the extreme heat of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan and the adjoining areas, during summer. The heat is intense during summer months in these areas.The southwest monsoon arrives in two branches namely the Bay of Bengal branch and the Arabian Sea branch.

The latter extends toward a low-pressure area over the Thar Desert and is roughly three times stronger than the Bay of Bengal branch. The monsoon typically breaks over Indian territory by around 27 th May , when it lashes the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal after which it strikes the Indian mainland around the 1st June near the Malabar Coast of Kerala.

It is amazing how they come on time every single year. The first showers enter Kerala and then move inwards and upwards to Karnatake and other places. Within a matter of 5-6 days the entire counbtry is covered by the monsoon clouds and the much awaited rainy season begins in India. When it actually sets in it rains non stop and very heavily for at least a week until the rivers , wells and streams are filled with water and the fields are flooded..In many rural areas , people get completely cut off from the rest of the country during rains .

There is an expectancy each year as people look forward to the blessed showers that bring hope, joy and a great relief from the sweltering heat of the past months. It is the same each year as everyone wait for the Monsoon showers ...the whole land scape changes and the streets ,plants,trees, tiled roofs have the washed clean look all through the rainy months. Monsoons are very heavy in India especially in the southgern states and North eastern states with many areas recording some of the highest rain falls in the world.The eastern Himalaya region, around Darjeeling and Shillong, is one of the wettest areas not just in India, but in the entire world, with Cheerapunji in Meghalaya receiving more than 11,475 millimeters of rain on an average each year..

But most people in these regions never seem to get fed up of this great miracle of nature and wait for it with intense longing year after year...It is said that people are much more amicable during monsoon season because they feel good physically which reflects in their mental attitude too.It really is amazing when one thinks that nature only gives and never expects anything back. What one can sense during the monsoon months , is nature all around , that is controlling and keeping the ecological balance . Weather is one of the many miracles that people witness day after day and season after season.

India's monsoons no doubt bring destructive winds and damaging rains too. Related flooding can displace thousands of people each year and ruin food crops. Also, among monsoon's other negative impacts are on the most vulnerable people – life-threatening illness and infections that effect the poorer sections of the country who are open to all the ill effects of Monsoon rains.

However the onset of monsoon sets the stage for a four month long rainy season, eagerly awaited by everyone especially so by the farming community entirely dependent on the monsoon showers for their livelihood.

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Thanks for bringing us near to the nature, through an invigorating monsoon topic.

Lovely article Kiran.

I've read about the monsoon rains in India. One thing that is so different from rain where I live, is it is hot when it rains there. It cools off or gets cold here when it rains here in Colorado.

Thanks a lot kiran,Ron, Sam...

Great writing. Interesting as well as informative. Thanks for sharing. Write more !

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