Lightning As A Providential Cause Of Fire
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Lightning As A Providential Cause Of Fire

"Lightning strikes result in fires only when sufficient heat is produced to ignite combustible materials. Fire will not occur when insufficient heat is produced; however , damage may still be extensive."

                                   Lightning As A Providential Cause Of Fire

What lightning Is

Lightning is a form of static electricity or an electrical current of great magnitude, producing tremendous amperage and voltage.

Why lightning strikes at objects

Lightning strikes at objects, such as tress and building structures because they contain materials that are better electrical conductors than air.  It enters buildings and other structures by several means.  It may enter by striking an object that is an electrical conductor above or out of the building.  Usually, these objects are:  TV antennae, air conditioning unit, CB antennae, or a part of the building, such as cupola, tower or chimney.

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