How to Predict the Rain
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How to Predict the Rain

There are many ways to predict the rain other than watching television or listening to the radio.

These days most of us rely on the weather reporters to predict the forecast. Years ago, our ancestors would rely on different strategies to try to predict rain themselves. They would never have to complain that the reports were wrong because it was their own predictions. Knowing when it is going to rain will help plan your day.

Is there dew on the grass? If there is dew on the grass in the morning when you wake up, it means that rain is less likely. If you notice there is dew in the morning and grass is damp, it is probable that rain will come during the day. This is true because if the dew doesn’t have time to collect on the grass overnight, it means that the night was clear without any overcast. If it is cloudy throughout the night, the clouds keep the heat in and prevent the dew from forming on the ground.

Which way are the animals tails pointed? Certain animals such as cows and horses don’t like the wind blowing in their faces so they will turn their back against the wind. As the wind blows, the tails will point a certain way. If the animal’s tails are pointed towards the west, the weather is probably great. If the tails are pointing east, the weather may not look as good.

Is the rooster crowing? Animals have a way to predict if its going to rain or not. If the rooster is crowing throughout the night it may mean that he is unable to sleep because of the bad weather that is approaching. If he doesn’t crow until the sun rises its probably because he had a great night of sleep and means a sunny day without rain.

Is there a ring around the moon? If there is a slight ring around the moon it means that rain is headed your way. The thicker the ring is, the more days it is before the rain will start. If the ring is very thin, it means that it will rain within the next day or two.

Are the animals going up hill? Both animals and insects are very smart when it comes to predicting weather. If the turtles seem to be going upwards it means that they are expecting a lot of rain and may even expect a flood. If the ants seem to be building their hills on a certain side, it is a great way to tell which direction the storm is going to come from.

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Comments (4)

Interesting prediction tips for rain.However, in monsoon countries like India only generalizations can be made.For example South West and North East Monsoons will outbreak during the months of June and October respectively.However, sometimes such predictions may even go wrong and the monsoons may not outbreak in their scheduled months.Thanks to Global Warming!

Interesting and educational article. Promoted since I am out of votes.

Seaweed used to be the old method of guessing the weather, perhaps it was based on the same idea as dew on the grass. An entertaining article which will have me moon gazing now.

Wow, great article, I usually stick watching those forcast from tv that most of times are wrong, maybe I should just look for these signs!