Earthquake Magnitude of 58 Hit Cuba Yesterday 923 Am January 19th 2010
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Earthquake Magnitude of 58 Hit Cuba Yesterday 923 Am January 19th 2010

More earthquakes eruptions around Haiti region

According to the seismic daily map from the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology and earthquake of 5.8 erupted off the coast of Cuba. Reports have been filed.  More earthquakes have been felt in the already stricken Haiti. For example today yet another 6.1 earthquake at 11:03am was felt and was 60km from the capital. This earthquake caused tremors to be felt in buildings and sent screaming Haitians running in panic to the streets.

Typically, what causes earthquakes to errupt is when two tetonic plates move closer to eachother so far that the earth in between compresses and causes eruption. In Haiti, instead of the plates moving closer, they actually moved apart. This is what you call  a strike-slip.

Jeneen Interlandi of Newsweek states that these plates have been stuck together for 250 years and had just broke free from eachother in the first devestating quake on January 12, 2010.

The Haitian peninsula, is the cause of most worries for seismologist Carol Prentice in California. 

Predicting when an earthquake will come can save many, many lives. However, it's not that simple. According to Micheal Hambuger of Indiana University in Bloomington, says researchers have only made progress in esitmating long term forcasts of earthquake predictions, not short term. Scientists rely on probablilities, rather than predictions.The biggest earthquake ever to be recorded was in Santiago, Chile, in 1960. Known as the Great Chilean Earthquake, the quake measured 9.5 on the Richter scale. According to when the Chilean earthquake occurred in 1960, seismographs recorded seismic waves that traveled all around the Earth. These seismic waves shook the entire earth for many days! This phenomenon is called the free oscillation of the Earth.  The death toll of the Great Chilean Earthquake is not known, but estimates go as high as 6,000, and the earthquake may have caused as much as 800 billion US Dollars in damage. (

A scholar from California says earthquake clouds can be used to predict and earthquake, however, it is not recognized by the scientific community  because his theory  uses old ancient Indian philosophy, astronomy and astrology.

40 years ago the biggest earthquake in the United States was in California. June 28th, 1992. Landers California was hit by a 7.3 earthquake, followed  by a 6.4 aftershock.

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